"Experience shows that when girls are empowered through education, the family becomes very productive".

School History

The Freetown Secondary School for Girls, (F.S.G.G) was founded on January 20, 1926, by several outstanding Sierra Leoneans, including an English Missionary, Mrs. Ejesa Osora. The purpose was, and still remains, to provide a full and complete educational environment for girls. Mrs. Osora's contribution and dedication gave the school its first name, "Osora School". At its opening it had just 20 students. Today its population has grown to 2,200. The school is located in the central part of the city.

After Mrs. Osora returned to England, several Sierra Leoneans picked up the torch and kept the school going with a combination of private funds and occasional grants. The name was later changed to The Freetown Secondary School for Girls and was, for many years, the only school that provided educational opportunities from kindergarten through secondary school. This flexibility allowed the F.S.S.G to be the first female institution to include boys in the nursery and kindergarten departments. A boarding school was also added later.

The Hannah Benka-Coker Memorial Residence was opened in 1958. It afforded girls from the provinces of Sierra Leone and other African countries a chance to earn their education at a time when tradition and culture acted as barriers to educating them. Mrs. Benka Coker died in 1952 at the young age of 49, but the present school buildings stands as a monument to her life's work.

The Board of Trustees approved the building of a science laboratory, which was completed in 1967, and a pure science curriculum was introduced at the school. In October 1978, the A-level science curriculum for female students from other secondary schools was introduced at the site of the FSSG science building.

The ex-pupils were challenged by the late the late Mrs. Benka-Coker to actively support the school in its very inception. Ex-pupils have answered this call and have been involved in the school's operation and administration. They have worked closely with the Board of Trustees and the Board of Governors.

Like most institutions in the capital, the school was attacked in 1999 during the war. The compound and buildings were used by militants as accommodation. At the return to civilian rule, reconstruction activities began but the lack of funds slowed these activities considerably. The needs are great for rebuilding the school and providing an educationally safe environment for students. Today, with a parent body in Freetown, there are a number of branches around the world, including in London, Washington D.C. Atlanta, The Gambia and New York. The New York Metropolitan branch was founded in 1989 and has 18 active members. The current President is Mrs. Janet Ojo. The association has worked on several projects to support the school and the students.

"Experience shows that when girls are empowered through education, the family becomes very productive".

School's Prayer
School's New Song
School's Old Song
O God, we pray thee
To look mercifully on this school
Unite us together in love,
Teach us to be good to others,
Help us day by day
To live in Glory,
To grow in grace
And to be faithful in good works,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord,
Bright hopes did stir our founder's mind
To build a school of national pride
Where the young with gifts of many varied kinds,
will develop side by side.
Thus as loyal citizens, FSSGians learn
to excel. They have grit, they have drive,
all the world can tell. Then from all around,
let our voices sound!
FSSGians, FSSGians, play up, play up.
FSSGians, play up, play up, play up
All play the Game

In the school of life with heart and mind and hand
We strive only for the best
For this our school, for this our native land
We will stand up to the test
So with Zeal and with Zest, our lives we bend
To the task in hand, right to the end
Then from all around
Let our voices sound
FSSGians, FSSGians, Play up, play up.
FSSGians, Play up all play the game.

When in the school of life, we as adults start
This is the word that we all declare
High ideas, fair play; these are what we've learned
From teachers true and school mates dear
So with confidence and faith, our paths we tread
With the goal in mind, forging right ahead
Now from all around
Let our voices sound
FSSGians, FSSGians, Play up, Play up.
FSSGians, Play up all play the Game.

Play up, Play up, Play up Play up
Play up, Play up, Play up, Play Up
And Play the game
This is the world, that year by year
While in our place the school is set
And every one of our girls must hear
And none that hears it dares forget

This they all with a joyful mind
Bear through life like a torch in flame
And falling fling, to the host behind

Play up, Play up, Play up, Play up
Play up, Play up, Play up, Play up
And Play the game.

There's a breathless hush in the close tonight. Ten to make and the match to win
A bumpy pitch and a blinding light
An hour to play and the last man in.
But 'tis not for the sake of a ribboned coat
Or the selfish hope of a season's fame
But the captain's hand on his shoulder smote
Play Up! Play Up! Play Up! Play Up!
Play Up! Play Up! FSSGians! Play Up!
And Play the game.


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