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Freetown Secondary School for Girls Ex-Pupils Association NY Metropolitan Area (FSSG ex-PupilsNYMetro)


About Us

The FSSG ex-Pupils Association (New York Metropolitan Area) was founded in 1989.

The Association was founded by a group of concerned FSSGians who wanted to play a more active role in supporting the shcool, its teachers and pupils. The gorup statred with 6 members and has now grown to 18 active members.

Over the years, the association has undertaken a number of fund-raising activities. These include annual subscriptions, special donations from friends of the association, annual thanksgiving services, group outings, dinners/dances and luncheon sales. Proceeds have gone to the school to be used in a variety of ways including rehabilitation of the school after the war to benefit the students and teachers.

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Work of the Association

The Privatization Movement

The Association is engaged in ongoing discussions regarding privatization of the school that would help move the school in the right path.

Other Projects

The association is curretnly supporting more projects, including:

  • ~ Health Center
  • ~ Extension of the School Hall
  • ~ School Security Wall
  • ~ Students' academic grants

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Upcomming Events

  •             Summer 2017


Sunday, July 16th - Thanksgiving Service 2017!

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